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Jewelled nosescrew
  • Code: NSJC
Straight barbell
  • Code: BL
Black steel internally threaded double flared tunnel
  • Code: BKIDFLTU
Acrylic spare replacement ball
  • Code: UVBALLN
Medical silicone flesh tunnel
  • Code: VFTF
Titanium jewelled skindiver
  • Code: TDSDJ
Black steel flesh tunnel with rounded edges
  • Code: BKBFTR
Acrylic spare replacement ball
  • Code: UVBALL
Titanium jewelled nosescrew
  • Code: TNSJC90-20-HP-CZ
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  • Qty avail.: 10+
Curved barbell
  • Code: BN
Surface bar
  • Code: MLST
Tongue barbell with uv twisted balls
  • Code: BLUTW
Crystal hinged septum clicker
  • Code: JSRZ02
Black steel flesh tunnel
  • Code: BKBFTN
Black steel jewelled flat back bcr
  • Code: BKJBCD
Bioflex labret retainer
  • Code: XINLBD
Titanium labret
  • Code: TMLB
Black titanium micro barbell wire
Tongue barbell with uv jaw breaker balls
  • Code: BLBRU
Slave navel banana
  • Code: BNO
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  • Qty avail.: 10+
Bioflex navel banana retainer stem
  • Code: XCLBRPINS-14-20
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  • Qty avail.: 1
Tongue barbell with uv volleyball balls
  • Code: BLVL
  • Code: BCR_6G
Titanium ball closure ring
  • (Based on 1 vote(s))
  • Code: TBCR