White Petroleum Jar-15oz.
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White Petroleum Jar-15oz.

Product Code: GSV01

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White Petroleum
15 oz. Jar

Dynarex White Petrolatum is a jelly ointment designed to help prevent and treat minor skin irritations. Ideal for a wide range of homecare and healthcare settings.

Dynarex White Petrolatum is designed to helps prevent and eliminate irritation and dryness of the skin. The petroleum jelly ointment creates a moisture barrier to protect and promote healthy skin, while treating and preventing dry skin. Dynarex White Petrolatum moisturizes and helps heal skin and has a sensitive formula that is ideal for healing dry, damaged, or cracked skin, even on eczema and sensitive areas.

Intended Use:
Dynarex White Petrolatum is used for ultimate convenience in a wide variety of long-term care facilities, homecare, tattoo parlors, first aid kits, and more.

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