Tattoo Supplies

Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all your tattooing supplies – Trinity Supplies! Whether you're a professional tattoo artist or a shop manager, we've got everything you need for body art success. From power supplies and accessories, clipcords, footswitches and machines to needles, tubes, disposable tubes and ink - we've thought of it all! Your needs are just a few clicks away...

Still thinking?

Our selection has some of Canada's favorite brands like TATSoul Prime cartridges, Envy cartridges and Wrath tubes. We also carry popular brands like Dynamic Ink, Starbrite Ink, Intenze Ink, Eternal Ink and Kuro Sumi Ink all with colors that looks as amazing as they sound. And let's not forget ink related products such as caps and holders, stencils and gloves plus aftercare essentials. 

At Trinity Supplies, we provide proven quality purchases with unbeatable prices. With our selection of reliable supplies in stock, you can go from idea to finished piece in no time flat. Plus if you’re looking for something extra special (or special edition), check out our Last Chance section for exclusive discounts on items that won't be around for long. So come have fun with us - your new one-stop-shop!