Luka is from a small town in Quebec. He recently moved to open up a new shop in Montreal called The Arts Corporation. When he’s not tattooing, he’s enjoying life with his girlfriend and cat Denzel.

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Portrait Photo by Francois Philippe Pelletier: Instagram Flickr

Trinity: Tell me what you enjoy doing most?

Luka: I enjoy everything that touches realism.

T: Tell me about your style?

L: I specialize in realism and specifically portraits and image reproduction. It can be portraits of people or from nature or even scenes from movies. Reproduction always has a certain challenge because the tattoo has to stay true to the original reference and often has to reflect a specific feeling and emotion.

T: What do you like about this style and what made you chose it?

L: I found an interest in reproduction at a young age. Since I don’t have a very developed creative side, I always enjoyed taking an existing images and giving them my own personal interpretations. I like finding ways to bring out certain accents and details in a tattoo.

realistic macaw tattoo

T: In your opinion what is an integral part of being an artist?

L: Tattooing drives us to constantly push our limits and to never be satisfied. It’s important to continue looking for new techniques and to work hard. We must never stop seeking perfection, all the while accepting that we will never achieve it. To always surpass our expectations is a huge part of the life of an artist.

T: What jobs did you do before becoming a tattoo artist?

L: I worked as a commercial window washer and then became a shoe salesman at André Lalonde sport. I’ve done a ton of small student jobs while I was studying in music before starting tattooing 9 years ago.

realistic portrait tattoo of Jason Statham

T: What made you change careers?

L: I always knew I had a certain talent for drawing and I had an interest in art in general. I watched a lot of TV shows about tattooing such as LA ink and I wanted to try it. I saw tattooing as a way to merge work and art. I am extremely thankful I tried it!

T: What kind of research does your work entail?

L: I have to do a great deal of research to find the perfect references for tattooing. I also have to do a bit of photo manipulation to adjust the colours and adapt the photo for each client. I make sure my images are prepared to perfection so I can go into a session as confidently as possible. I’ll often make a montage with the placement of the photo on the client so they can get a good idea what the final result will look like.

T: What would be your dream project? Or what project would make you feel like you’ve succeeded as an artist?

L: To be able to tattoo one of my idols would be a great accomplishment. The idea of the people who I admire and who motivate me to go further have confidence in me to tattoo them would be extremely gratifying.

realistic tattoo of Yoda

T: You’ve been to the four corners of the globe at different conventions! What motivates you to travel so much and why?

L: Traveling for conventions and guest spots is a great way to open you up to new people. Conventions allow me to meet tattoo artists around the world, learn some new techniques and see tattooing culture in other counties.

T: What would make you stop traveling so much and would you miss it?

L: Having a child would definitely make me slow down on traveling and conventions. I like peace so I wouldn’t miss trips and conventions too much. I like having stability and comfort.

T: You’ve been a client with Trinity for a while, even before you became sponsored. What makes us different from other distributors?

L: Trinity offers a service unlike any other. All the employees are so nice and listen to our needs. When I have an idea or want a product, they are always willing to work for their artists. They are open to suggestions as they are constantly looking to evolve.

realistic portrait tattoo of Katy Perry

T: What is their worst shortcoming?

L: Only that they have a lot of backorders.

T: Have you ever met one of your idols? If so which one? What surprised you about them?

L: I had the chance to meet many of my idols because of conventions and traveling. The last one I met was Phil Garcia, with whom I went to do a guest spot for a few days. He was really generous with his time and talent. It’s always surprising to meet someone you admire from the magazines and realize that they are so humble and human.

T: Considering the amount of interviews you’ve done, what is the question you have never been asked?

L: What is so gratifying about being a tattoo artist?

realistic portrait tattoo of Marilyn Manson

T: And what would be the answer?

L: Seeing people appreciating what we create with our hands and seeing happy clients. Meeting amazing people from around the world is also a big plus about being a tattoo artist. People are paying more and more money to get tattooed and it’s extremely important to me to make sure my clients have a great experience as well as having piece that they are proud to wear forever.

T: If you could ask a question to any artist who would it be and what would you ask?

L: I would really like to ask Dimitry Samohin what is his secret?