Micro series tattooable small shield by A pound of flesh
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Micro series tattooable small shield by A pound of flesh

Product Code: APOF-SS2

Tattoo artists know that there is both beauty and nobility in tattooing the flesh, from a butterfly’s wings to a full sleeve design. That’s why A Pound of Flesh is proud to present our Micro Series Tattooable Small Shield: the perfect canvas for professional artist and those blossoming within the industry alike. This beveled shield offers a unique and classic border to frame each tasteful work of art you create, fit for any studio or home practice space.

The APOF Small Shield is ideal for refining skills or delving into intricate detail work. It’s small size also makes it an aesthetically pleasing display piece, perfect for gifting to other tattooers or showcasing your work. With its elegant look and simple setup, it carries more royal-like flair than an orange rind ever could. So when you are looking add nobility to practice skin charms, settle royalty down onto your work with the Micro Series Tattooable Small Shield from A Pound of Flesh.

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  • Quantity Available: 3

Size and Materials:

  • Measures approximately 5.5" (L) x 0.25" (Thickness)
  • Constructed with silicone and rubber-based materials

Key Highlights:

  • Fitzpatrick skin tone 2
  • Small shield shape with beveled edge frame
  • Functions as a small canvas for framing or display
  • Perfect for practicing tattooing techniques for apprentices and beginners
  • Professionals can utilize it as a 3D portfolio or canvas for experimentation with new equipment and techniques

Tips for Stencil Application:

  1. Clean the tattoo site by wiping it with isopropyl alcohol-soaked paper towel.
  2. Use a Speed Stick deodorant on another alcohol-soaked paper towel, avoiding direct application to the tattooable surface.
  3. Apply the alcohol and deodorant mixture onto the tattoo site.
  4. Place the stencil evenly and apply pressure for 5-10 seconds.
  5. Carefully remove the stencil.
  6. Dry the freshly applied stencil with a blowdryer for 5-10 minutes and let it fully dry overnight.





Create a small-scale masterpiece, experiment with new techniques, and be inspired by the nobility of your craft. This one-of-a-kind shield exudes a royal flair that surpasses even the vibrant rind of an orange. Embrace the glory of tattooing with our beveled edge masterpiece.

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