Membership Tiers and Benefits for Our Valued Clients

Welcome to the Trinity loyalty program! It's our special way of showing our appreciation and rewarding our valued customers. As a member, you'll enjoy a range of exclusive privileges based on your membership level. To find out your current level, simply refer to the top of the first page of your last invoice.

*Please keep in mind that coupons and free deliveries are exclusive to orders placed through our website. They won't apply in other cases. We're here to enhance your experience and make it even more rewarding!

Tattoo Supplies

Brass Members

Welcome to the Brass tier of our professional community. This exclusive access is tailored specifically for verified professional tattoo artists, providing you with a dedicated catalog of top-tier tattoo supplies. Dive into a premium selection—crafted with your artistry in mind.

Enjoy Complimentary Delivery on Your Orders

Flaunt your craft without the fret of extra fees. For every purchase over $150.00—before taxes and shipping—from our tattoo product range (with the exception of furniture, medical supplies, and aftercare), we’ll take care of the delivery cost. This offer is seamlessly yours; the website handles it all automatically.

Elevate your art. Stock your studio with the finest, on us.

Piercing Supplies

Here are the available discounts for bulk orders of piercing tools and body jewelry:

*It's important to remember that your account will be reviewed and updated semi-annually to reflect your purchase volume. This assessment is based on the activity of the past six months related to our piercing product lines.

Please be aware that only certified professional body piercers holding a valid business registration number, or those currently employed at a piercing studio, are eligible to buy our piercing supplies and body jewelry.

Brass Members

For our shoppers spending up to $3,000 annually, we offer Brass Membership. Enjoy a massive 60% discount off the regular prices. Plus, take advantage of one of these special offer (one coupon per order):

  • COUPON: Brass250 – Save an extra 5% on orders over $250.


Bronze Members

If you spend between $3,000 and $6,000 a year, welcome to our Bronze Membership! Get prices at a remarkable 65% off. Plus, claim your exclusive offer (one coupon per order):

  • COUPON: Bronze250 – Free shipping on body jewelry orders over $250.
  • COUPON: Bronze500 – An additional 5% off on orders over $500.


Silver Members

Our shoppers with annual spends from $6,000 to $15,000 will become Silver Members, unlocking 70% off regular prices. Plus, enjoy one of these privilege (one coupon per order):

  • COUPON: Silver500 – Free shipping on body jewelry orders over $500.
  • COUPON: Silver1000 – Take 10% off when you spend over $1,000.


Gold Members

Spend between $15,000 and $30,000 annually to become a Gold Member. Relish in the luxury of shopping with 75% off. Your choice of exclusive coupons (one coupon per order) include:

  • COUPON: Gold1000 – Complimentary shipping on body jewelry orders exceeding $1,000.
  • COUPON: Gold2500 – A generous 10% discount on orders over $2,500.
  • COUPON: Gold5000 – A premium 15% discount on orders exceeding $5,000.


Platinum Members

For our elite shoppers with annual purchases over $30,000, our Platinum Membership awaits. Not only will you receive 75% off, you'll also get early access to new products, expedited order preparation, free promotional materials, and guaranteed next-day shipping. Plus, unlimited free shipping and a choice of one of these outstanding coupon (usable one per order):

  • COUPON: Platinum2500 – A 10% discount awaits you for orders over $2,500.
  • COUPON: Platinum5000 – Upgrade your savings with a 15% discount on orders more than $5,000.


Shop smarter and save big across all membership levels. Each program is tailored to reward you, our dedicated shopper, with discounts and exclusives that enhance your shopping experience. Use the respective coupon codes during checkout to maximize your benefits!