Eco big ink caps - #17 - 100 pcs
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Eco big ink caps - #17 - 100 pcs

Product Code: ECOICB-100

Prepare to be utterly amazed by the Compostable Eco big ink caps - #17, 100 per pack, from Green House tattoo supplies. They’ve taken sustainability to the next level with these premium-quality green ink caps. Each cap is constructed of eco-friendly materials featuring a stable base and ridged edges for handling convenience. The light green tint is subtle, so you can trust that your inks will remain true and vibrant when applied with these eco-friendly caps. Plus, the reusable refill pack makes storage a breeze.

It’s never been easier, or greener, for professional tattoo artists to practice their craft! With Green House tattoo supplies' Compostable Eco big ink caps - #17 now available in packs of 100 pieces at your fingertips, you have all the resources you need to take your artistry to the next level – in an environmentally friendly way! So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your studio stock today with these amazing green compostable ink caps!

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  • Quantity Available: 10+

Environmental Certifications

  • EN13432 (Europe)
  • ASTM6400 (USA)
  • AS4736 (Australia)
  • GreenPLA (Japan)
  • Genescan No Genetic Material Certification
  • USDA BioPreferred
  • Vinçotte OK Biobased
  • International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC)
  • Working Landscape Certificates (WLC)

Discover the Environmental Benefits of our Sustainable Products and Packaging!

Say goodbye to fossil fuels and embrace the power of nature! Our materials are made from plants instead of oil, keeping those precious resources in the ground where they belong. Plus, they're certified as compostable, ensuring a kinder, greener planet.

Not only are our materials plant-based, but they also come from annually renewable resources. We believe in sustainable practices that won't harm the Earth, so you can feel good about your choices.

And the best part? Our materials are GM free! We stand against genetically modified contents and use only natural ingredients to create our eco-friendly supplies.

But that's not all - our materials are easily distinguishable from regular plastic tattoo supplies thanks to their light green hue. It's all about going green, after all!

Traditional plastics may be made from oil, but we've revolutionized the game. Our ink caps are crafted from PLA, a unique biobased material derived from plants, not fossil fuels. Not only does this mean a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, but it also uses 80% less greenhouse gases and 52% less energy compared to traditional polymers like polystyrene.

Our materials are designed to return to the Earth without releasing any harmful substances. It's a true closed-loop process inspired by nature itself. Just like plants, forests, and even coral reefs, our materials are created using greenhouse gases as a feedstock - just another way we're making a difference.

When it comes to sustainability, we don't mess around. Our products and packaging are all made from sustainable plants like cassava, corn starch, sugar cane, or beets. No more relying on oil-based plastics here. Our feedstock always comes from renewable resources that can be grown and harvested in a single season, ensuring a low environmental impact that you can feel proud of.

Choose the better option for the planet. Choose our eco-friendly products and packaging today!

Experience the Environmental Benefits of Our Eco-Friendly Products and Packaging!

  • Keep fossil-fuels in the ground - our materials are derived from plants, not oil
  • Embrace sustainability - our materials are made from annually renewable resources
  • Going green with certified compostable materials that come straight from nature
  • Say no to genetically modified contents - our materials are GM free
  • Stand out with our light green eco supplies, easily distinguishable from regular plastic tattoo supplies
  • Join the plastic-free movement with our compostable plant-based packaging
  • No more single-use waste - our products are packaged in refill packs, minimizing waste
  • Manufactured and packed in the UK by specialized bioplastic experts
  • Reduce product mileage - our efficient manufacturing and packing process keeps transportation to a minimum
  • Green fulfilment - our logistics provider stores, packages, and delivers our eco-friendly products worldwide

Choose sustainability with our environmentally conscious solutions!

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