Biosurf - hospital-level hard surface disinfectant
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Biosurf - hospital-level hard surface disinfectant

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5 litre bottle. BioSURF is the world's fastest one step surface disinfectant. Unlike most disinfectants that can take up to 10 minutes to disinfect, BioSURF works within seconds. Despite the impressive performance, BioSURF is designed to not harm people or the environment.

Intended Use:
BioSURF is the perfect choice for rapid disinfection of counters, trays, metal instruments and other surfaces. One-step product. may be used on hard surfaces through a trigger sprayer or added to a canister of lecloth dry towelettes. Works in dirty conditions. Compatible with silicone, alginate and polyvinylsiloxane. Designed to remove proteins, inks, dyes, lipids, waxes and oils

Registration: DIN 02209756

Features and Benefits:
USP/Food Grade Ingredients: Contains NO Quats, phenols or aldehydes.Does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on Nonyl-phenyl Ethoxylates. Contains biodegradable surfactants and USP grain derived absolute Ethanol.
Bioload Resistant: BioSURF disinfects well in heavy blood and protein environments. Effective against mature pellicle colonies (Biofilm) of Pseudomonas sp. Holds the world record tb kill time!
Economical: The Spray - Wipe technique with BioSURF uses 50% less product than Spray - Wipe - Spray method.
Non-Corrosive/Non-Staining: Will not corrode metals, stain or stick asdo water-based Chlorine, Chlorhexidine or Iodine products.
Time Saving: One minute disinfection means each client turnaround with BioSURF saves up to 9 minutes between each patient/client (versus other comparable industry products).
Staff Friendly: Protects staff from aerosols generated by spraying toxic chemicals. Gloves and Mask are not necessary as BioSURF is kind to skin (although we still strongly recommend their usage as per the health and safety guidlines within your area).

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