Steam Sterilization integrator (pkg of 250)
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Steam Sterilization integrator (pkg of 250)

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Steam Sterilization Integrator
250 pcs per Box

maxill u-test SI are Type 5 chemical integrators used to monitor the steam sterilization process. These indicators provide reliable quality assurance by measuring all three parameters of sterilization. The integrating indicator reacts to time, temperature, and pressure with a change in colour. The easily interpreted results indicate a pass when the colour bar undergoes a full-colour change, from yellow to black. The SI meets the EN ISO 11140-1 standard and comes label ready with a convenient adhesive backing for easy record keeping.

• Monitors all 3 critical parameters of steam sterilization
• Compact design saves space and reduces waste
• Easily interpreted results with precise colour change
• Label ready backing for convenient record-keeping

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