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Tattoo Needles and Cartridges

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Envy Needles by TATSoul
Envy Cartridge by TATSoul

Be ready to revolutionize the way you tattoo with our selection of tattoo needles and cartridge needles! We understand that safety and quality are top priorities as a tattoo artist, which is why we make sure that all our needles are pre-sterilized and individually packed for disposable use. Not only do we prioritize safety, but also convenience: Our cartridges are simple to use, efficient in their performance and can be replaced in seconds - even mid-work! Tattoo artist extraordinaire or beginner - no matter your skill level, our cartridges provide a specialized user-friendly system that makes completing your work safely and quickly a breeze. Oh yeah, did we mention free shipping on orders over 150? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Get everything you need from Envy Needles & Cartridges by Tatsoul without breaking into your piggy bank today.