Torque wireless tattoo pen machine
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Torque wireless tattoo pen machine

Product Code: CTM-3.5mm

Are you searching for the ultimate powerhouse in tattoo machines? Look no further than the Critical Torque Wireless Tattoo Machine. This absolute game-changer in professional tattooing will revolutionize your business and your customers’ experiences. It’s equipped with industry’s first Precision Strike Technology, allowing for a smoother, faster, and more efficient session — clients won’t be able to tell the difference. Our Vibration Dampening Solution also ensures that your movements are smooth and seamless for an effortless tattooing experience. Everyone is sure to love the battery’s larger 1.5" color display with its intuitive design — no more wrestling with complex settings! Did we mention that this machine even has a timer function to measure sessions? Now you can accurately gauge how long each piece takes without having to resort to costly guesswork or distracted counting. And don’t forget about its motor design — it increases rigidity, stability, torque, and power so you have access to all the strength you need before and during every session. With this amazing tool in hand, you won’t have any problems producing stunning art— from basic line work to intricate shading— quicker than ever before!

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  • Battery + Pen Machine - 4.8oz
  • 34mm Grip - 1.4oz
  • 40mm Grip - 2.4oz

Key Highlights:

  • Single Pass Power
  • Powerful Custom German Brushless Motor
  • Firmer and More Consistent Needle Hit
  • Innovative Stabilizing System
  • Precision Strike Technology
  • Vibration Dampening Solution
  • Longest Running Battery in the Market
  • Advanced LED Interface on battery
  • Tracks Time and Hourly Rate
  • Available in 3.5mm or 4.2mm stroke
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible with the Critical Connect Foot Switch

Included in the box:

  • Critical Torque Pen Machine
  • Critical Connect V3 Battery Pack
  • 34mm Grip
  • 2 ft USB-C Charging Cord
  • QR Code Card to Critical Torque Resources


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Upgrade your tattooing game with the Critical Torque Wireless Tattoo Machine.

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