18k gold internal flower attachment with royal blue topaz
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18k gold internal flower attachment with royal blue topaz

Product Code: G18KIASGN13-6-RBTO

Introducing the 18k Gold Internal Flower Attachment with Royal Blue Topaz from Trinity. This special attachment is made from real solid 18k gold and features an eye-catching flower shaped design with a stunning genuine royal blue topaz surrounded by brilliantly cut cubic zirconia gemstones. Add this luxurious and sophisticated yet bold accessory to your store and make a statement that won't go unnoticed. Whether you’re installing it in your client's labret, tragus, or helix barbell, it’s guaranteed to bring a touch of effortless sophistication to their look. With its luxurious design, you’ll be sure, your store will stand out from the crowd in a fine and confident way. Now you can experience a new level of luxury and sophistication when you accessorize your counter. Get the 18k Gold Internal Flower Attachment with a Royal Blue Topaz today, and enjoy a lifetime of luxury and confidence.

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  • Main material : 18 karat gold
  • Secondary material : None
  • Classification : Parts
  • PVD Coating : None
  • Gem type : Genuine Topaz
  • Threading : Internal
  • Quantity Available: 1

What is internally threaded body jewelry technology ?

Explore the world of threaded jewelry, a captivating type of body adornment where the ends gracefully unscrew. Appreciate its versatility and convenience, as it can be effortlessly removed and changed. Perfectly suited for those seeking a sturdy and substantial aesthetic, threaded jewelry triumphs over its non-threaded counterparts. Embrace the ease and independence of threaded posts and rings, offering a seamless experience without the need for a piercer's assistance.

Discover the extraordinary variations of threaded body jewelry: the refined elegance of internally threaded.

Internally threaded treasures boast screw threads attached to the ball, enabling a silky smooth insertion into your piercing. This exquisite type of threading is highly recommended by the esteemed Association of Professional Piercers, who hold it to their exacting Minimum Standards for Jewelry for Initial Piercings.

Discover the allure of gold, a truly precious metal of unparalleled beauty.

For initial piercings, only the finest gold will do – 18k. Anything higher is simply too delicate for body jewelry, susceptible to unsightly scratches.

Explore the world of gold with our exquisite alloys. G18K, or 18 karat (750 Gold) Yellow Gold, radiates warmth and elegance. Indulge in the luxurious charms of RG18K, or 18 karat (750 Gold) Rose Gold, exuding a delicate allure. For a touch of sophistication, WG18K – 18 karat (750 Gold) White Gold, adorned with a dazzling Rhodium Plating, is an enchanting choice.

Delve into the details with our comprehensive Alloy Data Sheets. Curious about the nickel release test for White Gold? We have all the answers you seek.

Our commitment to excellence extends to marking all of our Real Gold items. Look for the unmistakable stamps of authenticity – 750 for 18 karat and 585 for 14 karat. Rest assured, our Swiss Responsibility Mark («Verantwortlichkeitsmarke») guarantees the purity of our gold products.

Embrace the essence of opulence with our exceptional gold offerings.

Our Nickel release certificates are free and available anytime here.

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