18k gold plated CoCr jewelled clicker ring with spike
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18k gold plated CoCr jewelled clicker ring with spike

Product Code: BGNFHSRSG81-08-BK

Introducing to you the latest innovation in body jewellery: 18k gold plated CoCr jewelled clicker ring with spike. Crafted from a nickel-free cobalt chromium alloy plated with 18k real gold, this exquisite item is a must-have for any modern jewelry store. Show off your bold, sophisticated style with this spectacular body jewellery, adorned with 5 inverted brilliant cut cubic zirconia gemstones that interweave with 6 stylish spikes. With a diameter of 8 or 10mm, this statement ring is designed to fit perfectly an helix, tragus, eyebrow, rook, daith or lip piercing or any other piercings you see fit, making it the perfect addition to your body jewellery collection. Accentuate your unique sense of glamour and captivate your client with confidence. Get yours now!

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  • Main material : COCR
  • Secondary material : None
  • PVD Coating : 18k real yellow gold
  • Gem type : Cubic zirconia
  • Threading : None
  • Classification : Clicker (hinged)
  • Quantity Available: 10+

What are hinged segment rings and clickers ?

The hinged segment ring clicker has arrived to make professional body piercing easier than ever before. With an elegantly-crafted design, this versatile ring is made to fit snugly into ear, tragus, daith, rook, helix, conch, lip eyebrow, septum and navel piercings – providing the perfect finishing touch for your clients. crafted from high-quality materials for a luxurious feel and lasting durability.

What sets this segment ring apart are its practical advantages. Its innovative hinged segments click easily open and closed for improved accuracy and quicker placement – reducing the time needed for each piercing. And with no need to remove the entire ring when changing it out as well as its flexible sizing options that can be customized to each client's needs, you'll be able to deliver faster service with confidence.

Whether you're an established professional body piercer or just starting out in the business, you won't find a better combination of style and convenience than this hinged segment ring clicker. Choose quality – choose the best with this expertly-designed option today!

What is Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloys ?

Made with the highest quality cobalt-chromium alloy and shaped perfectly for safe, comfortable use, our Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloys (CoCr NF) is the ultimate body piercing accessory. Boasting incredible durability that withstands bending and scratching while maintaining a signature shine and beauty, no other material performs like it. Featuring a smooth surface and the look of white gold or platinum precious metals without the hefty price tag, it's no wonder why CoCr NF has become an industry favorite for medical implants like knee and hip joints as well as in the dental industry. Perfect for professional body piercers who create beautiful pieces with every piercing, CoCr NF is an affordable alternative to both surgical steel and titanium - plus Nickel Free so you always know you're providing your customers only with safe materials. Get your hands on this exceptional material today!

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