Taper insertion pins for threadless (tl) jewelry
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Taper insertion pins for threadless (tl) jewelry

Product Code: PTTYTIP-0.5TL-20G

The Taper Insertion Pin for Threadless Jewelry from Trinity Piercing Supplies is the best and most reliable choice when it comes to inserting threadless body jewelry. Crafted with the highest-grade surgical steel (316L-ASTM F138) and featuring a precision machined construction, this pin will give you the confidence that your piercing will be safe and secure. Our taper pins are sure to please even the most discerning of professional body piercers, with their stylish silver finish for an added touch of refinement. With this purchase, piercers can rest assured knowing that they are working on their customers with a quality product designed to meet the exacting standards of professional body piercing needs. Enjoy guaranteed satisfaction with our Taper Insertion Pins for Threadless Jewelry—the perfect tool for creating beautiful, precise piercings that last!

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  • Main material : Surgical Steel (316L-ASTM F138)
  • Secondary material : None
  • PVD Coating : None
  • Gem type : None
  • Threading : Threadless
  • Classification : Piercing tools
  • Quantity Available: 7

What is threadless body jewelry ?

Indulge in th eluxury of high-quality body jewelry with innovatively designed threadless jewelry.

Brought to life by NeoMetal in 1997, this exceptional form of body adornment transcends traditional threaded jewelry by offering a sleek, seamless finish. The intricate push-fit or press-fit mechanism only adds to its allure, ensuring that the jewelry is held together by the perfect amount of tension.

Trust Trinity Piercing Supplies Canada to provide only the best threaless wholesale body jewelry, fit for those with a refined taste and an eye for unparalleled sophistication. Elevate your offering with threadless jewelry and leave a lasting impression.

What is surgical steel body jewelry ?

SS316L: The Preferred Choice for Body Jewelry and tools

SS316L sets the standard for surgical implant-grade material and remains the most popular choice for body jewelry and piercing tools. Adhering to stringent standards, two certifications - ASTM F138 and ISO 5832-1 - outline the superior qualities of this steel when utilized for surgical implants.

Addressing Allergies: Polished to Perfection

Nickel, a common trigger for allergic reactions, is the only concern surrounding stainless steel. Fear not, as our jewelry and tools are expertly polished to achieve a radiant, mirror-like finish. This process creates a protective layer of chromium oxide, minimizing the release of nickel into the surrounding tissue. Sterilization is a breeze with Surgical Steel - it can easily endure the autoclave.

Delve Deeper: Certificates and Regulations

For in-depth information, please refer to our certificates and nickel release certificate. Additionally, stay up-to-date with the latest European directive regarding nickel usage in body jewelry.

Dispelling the Magnetic Myth: Surgical Steel 316L

We've noticed recurring inquiries regarding magnetism in Surgical Steel 316L. It's time to put this misconception to rest: magnetism does not indicate the absence of surgical steel. Stainless Steel 316L is a variation of 316 steel with low carbon content. While non-magnetic in its original state, it may acquire magnetic properties through fabrication processes.

Our Nickel release certificates are free and available anytime here.

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