In the competitive industry of tattooing, artists around the world are always looking for the best possible equipment to help them create stunning, high-quality tattoos. And if you’re a tattoo artist, then you’re bound to know about TATsoul - the makers of some of the finest tattoo equipment in the industry. As the official Canadian distributor of TATsoul, Trinity is proud to shine the spotlight on everything that makes TATsoul the go-to brand for professional artists all around the world.

When it comes to tattoo equipment, Tatsoul is killing the game! These guys are all about research and listening to artists to make sure they’re always on top of their game. And let’s talk quality - they’re not messing around. Nothing but the best for the best. That’s why they’re leading the pack in our industry. This means that every piece of equipment and furniture they design is made with the specific needs and demands of a tattoo artist in mind. From ergonomically designed tattoo chairs and stools to high-quality machine, grips and needles, TATsoul is all about providing tattoo artists with the best possible tools to help them create their best work.

One of the standout pieces of equipment from TATsoul is their tattoo chair. Their client and artist chairs are incredibly popular among tattoo artists because of their ergonomic design and versatility. These chairs are adjustable and can be used in multiple positions, making them perfect for artists who work on different parts of the body. With features like comfortable padding, adjustable armrests, and even a built-in footrest, TATsoul chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort for both the artist and the client.


TATsoul artist chair image


TATsoul also offers a wide range of disposable tubes, cartridges and needles, all designed with the same level of care and attention to detail as their chairs and other equipment. Their cartridge needles are available in a range of sizes and configurations, making them ideal for any type of tattoo. Their disposable tubes and grips are ergonomically designed to provide optimal grip and control, while also being comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Another standout feature of TATsoul is their absolute commitment to create the best tattooing experience possible. That’s why they’re always conducting research and seeking out artist input to design their innovative new products! They’re determined to set the industry standard when it comes to top-notch design and quality craftsmanship. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed when you check them out!

Overall, TATsoul has truly earned their reputation as one of the best tattoo equipment manufacturers in the world. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and the environment, they continue to be a favorite among tattoo artists around the world. As the official Canadian distributor of TATsoul, Trinity is proud to offer their exceptional products to artists all across Canada. So, whether you’re new to tattooing or a seasoned pro, TATsoul is the brand to turn to for all your tattoo equipment needs.


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